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Festivities on La Libertad Chavín District

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Festivities on La Libertad Chavín District

(Peru CNSAM). From November 8-10, 2015, La Libertad Chavín District celebrated three days of a true-life festival. Pastors from all over the district, many of them accompanied by their wives, arrived at Trujillo to celebrate the victories attained during the eighteenth year of service in SDMI, NYI, NMI and the District Assembly. This year the celebration included a pastors’ retreat during the first two days in the Gran Marqués Hotel.

The retreat specially planned for the pastoral families had time for rest and relaxation, for sermons focusing on the ministers and their experiences by Dr. Jerry Porter, General Superintendent, and Dr. Christian Sarmiento, Regional Director; and for talks on marriage given by Rev. Patricia and Germán Picavea.

On Tuesday the 10th all the participants went to the Church of the Nazarene in El Porvenir for the conventions and the annual district assembly of La Libertad Chavín District.

In the SDMI convention, the Regional Coordinator of SDMI, Dr. Patricia Picavea, presented different sources that are available to the local churches on the website The convention elected the new council: President, Rev. Marlon Paz Guerrero; Secretary, Rev. Guillermo Neira; Treasurer, Rocío López; Children’s Director, Diana Ávalos de Alcántara; Adult Ministries Director, Daniel Sánchez Medina; Members-at-large, Grimaneza Espejo Rodríguez and Bertha Becerra Sánchez.

The NYI convention, characterized by a youthful spirit, celebrated a year full of activities, with a net gain of 576 new members, with a total of 5,205 young people. They also elected a new council to serve for the coming year; Lilian Samame Becerra, President; Jahiro Nunura León, Vice President; Michal Cabellos, Secretary and Berta Aldave Becerra, Treasurer.

The NMI convention began with a sermon brought by Rev. Germán Picavea and then was directed by the president, Pastor Marleni Palma de Medina, who thanked the churches for what they had achieved but urged them to continue working to reach the goal of 5.5% for the World Evangelism Fund. As is usual, they elected the members of the council to serve for the coming year. The elected officers are: President, Marleni Palma de Medina (reelected); Secretary, Merary Pardo and Treasurer, Irma Espíl.

At 4 PM the XVIII District Assembly began with a time of praise and a message from the Word of God brought by the General Superintendent in jurisdiction, Dr. Jerry Porter.

The 175 delegates received reports, celebrated the gains and with 170 votes re-elected the District Superintendent, Rev. Oscar Medina. The members also voted for the following new officers:

  • Advisory Board. Ordained ministers: Hernando Aparicio, Rev. Guillermo Neira, Rev. Marlon Paz, Marlon Paz. Laymen: David Chamorro, Marión Bringas and Mirtha Flores.
  • Auditing and Finance Committee. Ordained ministers: Wilmer Ramírez and Herman Alcántara. Laywomen: Ana Saucedo and Rosario Paredes.
  • Delegate to the Theological Board. Sister Bertha Becerra.
  • Delegates to the 2017 General Assembly. Ordained ministers: Hernando Aparicio and Guillermo Neira. Laymen: Osmar Medina, Rosario Paredes and Gabriel Aparicio.

In his report, the superintendent, Rev. Oscar Medina, highlighted that the La Libertad Chavín District is the youngest district in Peru. It was organized on January 20, 1998, with 14 churches, 4 ordained ministers, and 1431 members. He thanked God because after 18 years of hard work, God permitted them to now have 30 organized churches (27 churches being formed), 21 ordained ministers and 8283 full members (1551 associate members). He also shared that the district plans to reach Huarmey, which is the last city on the district where there is yet no work of the Church of the Nazarene, to win 1200 new members, to organize at least 4 churches and to begin 20 new churches.

The fiesta finished with a sermon preached by Dr. Porter and the presentation of the challenge 20/20 Vision. All the pastors went to the altar and presented their promises of sister churches and the membership goals from now until 2020. The Regional Director, Christian Sarmiento prayed for them and put the promises made in God’s hands.

Source: Lilian Samame Becerra, Marleni Palma de Medina, and Oscar Medina.
Redaction: Germán Picavea.
Translation: Evelyn Ovando.

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