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First Aborigen District Camp

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First Aborigen District Camp

(Argentina CNSAM). The Aborigen District had their first camp July 18-21, 2013. It was held in the complex of the Church of the Nazarene, which is pastored by Mercedes Fernandez together with the Health Center Pastor, Alberto Fernandez, on the side of route 86 at Kilometer 1370 between the El Porteño creek and the Sastrow Marsh.

Attracted by the novelty of the event preteens, adolescents, young people and young adults attended. The delegations from the Churches of the Nazarene from “Colonia la Primavera” and “Laguna Naick Neck” joined together with a contingency from “Lote 68” and another from the “Ciudad de Refugio” Church of the Nazarene from the Oberro neighborhood of Formosa City.

Six speakers arrived from Buenos Aires and two from the capital of Formosa. From Buenos Aires: Dr. Fabian Carrizo (Emergency Medicine Doctor); Mr. Samuel Maldonado from the Church of the Nazarene in Villa Soldati; family speakers, Luis and Alicia Gratone from Moreno Buenos Aires Province; Wilmar Rojas, Argentina Compassionate Ministries Coordinator, all under the direction of pastors Carlos Radi the Argentina Ministries Coordinator for the Church of the Nazarene and Pablo Bauzá, District Superintendent of the indigenous peoples of Formosa and the province of Chaco, with his wife, pastor Maria Magdalena Civetta.

The camp themes were: Biblical and historical arguments of the deity of Jesus Christ, sex education, precocious sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases and the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

With the support of the Formosa Provincial Government who donated part of the materials, the QOM(*) are building their chapels. An example of this occurred in Colonia La Primavera Church of the Nazarene, where they laid the foundation for a shed donated by the Church of The Nazarene, the materials were provided by the Provincial Government with the intermediation of Mr. Hugo Arrua, and the labor of a group of Tobas from Laguna Naick Neck, experts in constriction, and the visitors from the Capital of Formosa and from Buenos Aires. Every one cooperated effectively on the project.

(*) KOM or QOM. The native name of the Toba people who are an ethnic group that inhabit Pampido who live in Central Chaco and the Western Formosa Province.

Source: Ramon Bauzá, District Superintendent of the Argentina Aborigen District.

Translated: Cindy Downey.




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