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First Pastors’ Meeting

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First Pastors’ Meeting

(Argentina CNSAM).  The Center Church of the Nazarene on 577 Chacabuco Street in Comodoro Rivadavia hosted the first Pastors’ and Wives’ meeting for the Argentina Patagonia Central District.

The activity took place October 4 to 6, 2013 and there were 11 of the 12 pastoral couples on the district in attendance. Pastors came from Puerto Madryn, Rawson, Trelew, Esquel, Comodoro Rivadavia and El Calafate.

The special guest was pastor Julio Felipe and his wife Susana from the city of Neuquén. On Saturday morning pastor Felipe gave a study about the different mountains that are mentioned in the Bible and its spiritual and ministerial application.  There was a workshop in the afternoon about the Master’s Plan and its application to have a healthy church. Parallel to the workshop, Sister Susana shared a meditation and ministered to the pastors’ wives. Pastor Felipe preached in the evening.

It was a very good and necessary meeting to see each other again in order to chat about the advancement of our church in the Patagonia. Thanks be to God that we are moving forward in victory. These meetings are costly economically due to the great distances between each church, but were worth it because the blessing of our Father was greater, said District Superintendent, Rev. Lino Tejerina.

Source: Lino Tejerina, Argentina Patagonia Central District Superintendent.

Edited: Germán Picavea.

Translated: Cindy Downey.


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