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Four women’s retreat, district Argentine Coast

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Four women’s retreat, district Argentine Coast

(Argentina CNSAM). The Ministry of Women Argentine Coast District, held its fourth retirement in Huerta Grande, Córdoba from 21 to 23 September 2012.

Under the slogan and theme “Decisions that transform” Romans 12:2, the sister Liliana Radziszewski, with wisdom, anointing and filling of the Holy Spirit ministered Word of God, which touched the hearts of each of the 130 women who participated event. The group differences in terms of age, background and marital status were not obstacles to God to move freely and speak to the heart of each participant taking them to make decisions that transformed their lives.

Each time at altar we saw God work in the lives of each of the participants, which were conversions, consecrations, personal and family restoration.

Not only enjoyed a spiritual feast, but also had time to enjoy the amenities of the hotel, enjoy good food, appreciate the beauty of the landscape and experience the excellent company among the sisters. Participants were able to walk and play much free time in the spring festival, days they saw as a gift from God to each one of them”.

The Pastor Alicia Sardiello, Director of the Ministry of Women, thank God, first, which again surprised, the district superintendent, Rev. Ruben Concia gave them ample freedom to work, and the organizing team, the herders Hilda de Almada, Almada Daniela, Rosa Rosales, Galante and Guadeloupe Mariela Monzon who accompanied him at all times with his encouragement, advice, effort and wisdom.

Source: Alicia Sardiello, Ministry of Women Director, district Coast, Argentina.

Translation: Priscila Picavea.

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