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Fulfilling the Call

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Fulfilling the Call

(Argentina CNSAM). Sunday, April 19, 2015, Pastor Glausio and his wife Monik, both from Brazil, held the first service in a church-type mission that is beginning in Moreno, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Around the year 2000, Pastor Glausio began to feel a passion for taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who are marginalized. In his second year at the Nazarene Theological College in Rio de Janeiro, he invested all of his savings and sold all that he could in order to participate in an evangelistic project in the northeastern part of Brazil where there were more than 10,000 people who lived in extreme poverty and without knowing Christ. After returning from this experience, his ministerial focus changed.

Following graduation, he spent four more years training in the ministry Youth with a Mission for South America (JUCUM) and in evangelism. He served as co-pastor in a Church of the Nazarene and a little while later the District Superintendent sent him to work in Matogroso, in the northeastern part of Brazil. Two new churches of the Nazarene were a result of the work there.

When he returned to the city, he married Monik. Both got good jobs at a nuclear plant, and God prospered them economically. However, with the passing of time, Monik told Glausio that it was time to return to what God had called them to do. Monik completed an intensive training for six months with JUCUM, and when she returned they began to save money and pray throughout that year. They asked God to guide them to the place He wanted them to open a church.

During one opportunity, they went to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to visit a friend, and while they were there they began to feel that this was the country where they should be. A short time later they knew exactly where to begin with this new challenge for their lives.

The place is located in the district of Moreno west of Buenos Aires. It is a needy area where both Argentine and Paraguayan families live. Without schools or a hospital nearby, with problems like drugs and alcoholism, gender based violence, and a lack of food, there are many needs to supply, but the love that grew in the hears of Glausio and Monik for this place has produced fruit. Just since the first outreach held on March 15, 2015, until now, they have a regular attendance of 20 adults and 50 children.

They have invested their savings to buy land in this place, and their project and request of God is to have a church building where they can meet before the winter cold comes. Until then, they are working toward building a daycare where children can come in the morning to eat breakfast, study, eat lunch, and in the afternoon learn a skill, and then eat dinner before their parents pick them up. There are many parents who leave their children alone so that they can go to work. The idea is to use the daycare to transmit biblical values and principles. Later, their plan is to create a social center where they will have skill training even for the adults.

Pastor Glausio commented, “ We hope and pray that God will give us the strategies and resources to work with this community in a holistic way.”

Source: Glausio de Sousa Lima Neto
Written by: Susana Cabral.

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