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Graduation 2012, Chiclayo, Peru

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Graduation 2012, Chiclayo, Peru

(Peru CNSAM). Just like every year in its 91 years of continuous service, Nazarene Theological Seminary (Seminario Teológico Nazareno) (STN) in Chiclayo, Peru in the South America Region, this year presented 66 graduates to the church, to continue extending the Kingdom of God.

The facilities for the Peru North District Center was the ideal setting for the graduation celebration and the closing of the 2012 school year for Nazarene Theological Seminary of Chiclayo, Peru on Thursday November 29, 2012.

The ceremony began at 8 PM and the Global Theological Education Coordinator, Dr. Dan Coop; the South America Regional Director, Dr. Christian Sarmiento; the Rector of the Nazarene Theological Seminary of the Americas (SENDAS) in Costa Rica, Dr. Ruben Fernandez; the Field Strategy Coordinator, Rev. Segundo Rimarachin; the President of the Association of the Church of the Nazarene in Peru (AIN), Rev. Oscar Medina; the President of the National Board of Theological Education of Peru, Rev. Ricardo Rodriguez and the Rector of the Nazarene Theological Seminary (STN) of Chiclayo, Dr. Evelio Vazquez Malca were in attendance.

The Superintendents of each Peru District, faculty and staff of the Seminary, pastors and numerous public celebrated together with the graduates the joy of seeing their dreams come true were also in attendance.

Dr. Dan Coop, in his message to the graduates, said that there is joy in our partnership with God and with others in the edification of the church; that in finishing their studies God had not finished His work in them, but that He who began the work will perfect it. He exhorted the graduates that, as children, they go to God and say to Him: “God, use me however you want to, but also embrace me as you want to.” He concluded saying, “graduates let yourselves be embraced by God in order that you can be all that God wants.”

The Rector of the Seminary, Dr. Evelio Vasquez Malca, proceeded to the presentation of the graduates and gave them their respective diplomas with the collaboration of the authorities present. Seven pastors received a Certificate of Christian Ministry, 44 an Associate’s degree in Theology, seven pastors the Title of Bachelors in Theology and three pastors a Master’s Degree with an emphasis in the Mission of the church.

The class of 2009-2012 took the name “Promotion, Alberto Zamora Lisboa” in honor of a noble servant of the Lord, noted for his example of life and ministry consecrated to God and our beloved Church of the Nazarene.

Source: Oscar Suarez Becerra, Peru Field National Communications Coordinator

Translator: Cindy Downey

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