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Graduation 2014, STN Southern Cone

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Graduation 2014, STN Southern Cone

(Argentina CNSAM). With an atmosphere of joy and gratitude to the Lord, the graduation ceremony of the Class of 2014 at Nazarene Theological Seminary Southern Cone was held.

Students from different districts of the Southern Cone and Bolivia received, on Saturday, November 15, 2014, certificates of graduation in the various academic programs offered by this institution.

In this promotion were 22 graduates in the academic programs offered by STN Southern Cone: Diploma in Theology, Bachelor of Theology, Diploma in Advanced Studies in Church Growth and Bachelor of Theology. Graduates are:

Dourrom Lima, Alicia Teresa (District: Uruguay Sur)
Fernández, Belinda Mabel (District: Cuyo Argentino)
Lucas Rodríguez, Eduardo Enrique (District: Uruguay Sur)
Santos, María Alejandrina (District: Cuyo Argentino)

Brunson Radziszewsky, Robin M. (District: Central Argentino)
Chuquisaca, Mirta Yolanda (District: Noroeste Argentino)
Costa, Rufino (District: Aborigen Argentino)
Domínguez Silva, Libertad Nélida (District: Uruguay Sur)
Dourron, Susana Beatriz (District: Cuyo Argentino)
Lombardo, Stella Maris (District: Central Argentino)
Moyata, Samuel Gustavo (District: Noroeste Argentino)
Obando, Ester Leonor (District: Patagonia Central Argentina)
Ojeda, Enzo Gastón (District: Noreste Argentino)
Parada, Paula (District: Central Argentino)
Sosa García, Eliana Pía (District: Uruguay Norte)

Fretes, Marcelo (District: Central Argentino)
Vergara, Pedro Segundo (District: Costero Argentino)

Callizaya Bautista, Armando (District: La Paz, Bolivia)
Pérez, Viviana Patricia (District: Central Argentino)
Saavedra Yúgar, Andrés (District: La Paz, Bolivia)
Sánchez Zabaleta, René (District: La Paz, Bolivia)
Sepulveda, Georgina del Carmen (District: Central Argentino)

The ceremony was held in the sanctuary of the “Altos de Pilar” Church of the Nazarene in Pilar, Buenos Aires, and was attended by several officials of the Church of the Nazarene, including: Mr. Jesús Bernat, Superintendent of Districts Uruguay North and South and Chairman of the Administrative Board of the STN in the Southern Cone, who preached the word of God; Dr. Jorge Julca, Rector of STN in the Southern Cone and Coordinator of Education in South America; Dr. Jorge Duran, Superintendent, District Central Argentino; and various authorities of the Southern Cone District.

The program included prayers of thanksgiving, praise songs, words of encouragement to the graduates, special song presentations, testimonies of graduates on behalf of their colleagues, certificates and gifts presented to the graduates, and the message of the Word of God. In closing, No one miss the traditional cake cutting and a time of fellowship with all those present.

Source: Eduardo Velázquez.
Translation: Janet Reinhart.

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