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Graduation 2015 in the Southern Cone STN

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Graduation 2015 in the Southern Cone STN

(Argentina CNSAM). In a blessed ceremony of celebration and thanksgiving to the Lord, Graduation 2015 was held for Nazarene Theological Seminary of the Southern Cone Field of South America.

On Saturday, November 14, 2015, students from various districts of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay received their graduation certificates in the academic programs offered by this institution. A total of 33 students were graduates of academic programs: Diploma in Theology, Bachelor of Theology and Associates of Theology. The list of graduates follows:

Diploma in Theology

Barrionuevo, Cristina Edith; Argentina Northwest District
Colque, Luis Ricardo; Argentina Litoral District
Conde Floretta, Raquel Yanet; Uruguay North District
Galleguillo, Ismael Guillermo; Argentina Northwest District
Guanuco, Lucia; Argentina Northwest District
Dulche, Blanca Nieves; Argentina Mesopotamian District
Dulche, Fabricio Rogelio; Argentina Mesopotamian District
Ibarra, Samuel Esteban; Argentina Central District
Migueles, Miguel Ángel; Argentina Mesopotamian District
Olano, Víctor Abel; Argentina Mesopotamian District
Pérez, Flora; Argentina Central District

Bachelor in Theology

Barison, Beatriz; Argentina Central District
Buchmann, Frederic; Argentina Patagonia Central District
Camacho, Rebeca Cintia; Argentina Northwest District
Carrizo, Fabián Marcelo; Argentina Mesopotamian District
Castillo, Anibal Alberto; Argentina Central District
De Araujo, Caroline; Brazil Paulistano District
Fernández, Teresita Elizabeth; Argentina Northeast District
Ferreira Dos Santos, Thomas; Brazil Paulistano District
Flores, Cintia Argentina; Northwest District
Fritz, Mónica Graciela; Argentina Patagonia Central District
Horst, Verónica Raquel; Argentina Mesopotamian District
Ibarra Alonso, Mario Enrique; Uruguay North District
Melgarejo, Jonathan Samuel; Argentina Northeast District
Mercado, Claudio Daniel; Argentina Northwest District
Migliore, Javier; Argentina Central District
Ramos, Verónica Maricel; Argentina Mesopotamian District
Rivas, Diana Evangelina; Argentina Mesopotamian District
Sosa Rosano, Alisson Jacqueline; Argentina Mesopotamian District
Toriaci, Roy; Argentina Central District

Licensure in Theology

Choque Blanco, David Luís; Chile North District
Correa, Marcelo Antonio; Argentina Central District
De San Vicente, Libertad; Argentina Central District

The ceremony was held at the ‘Dr. Bruno Radi’ Convention Center located on the campus of the institution in the city of Pilar, Buenos Aires. The guest speaker for the occasion was Dr. Dan Coop, Global Commissioner of Theological Education in the Church of the Nazarene, who brought an inspiring message. It was also attended by several officials of the denomination: the Rev. Juan José Zani, Strategy Coordinator, Southern Cone Area; Mr. Jesús Bernat, District Superintendent of Uruguay North District and President of the Administrative Board of the Nazarene Theological Seminary of Southern Cone (STN Cono Sur); Dr. Jorge Julca, Rector of the Nazarene Theological Seminary of Southern Cone (STN Cono Sur) and Theological Education Coordinator for the South America Field; as well as the presence of district superintendents.

In an emotional and blessed climate, the graduation ceremony ended with cake cutting and a time of fellowship with those present.

Source: Eduardo Velázquez.
Translation: Janet Reinhart.

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