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Graduation in Chiclayo, Peru

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Graduation in Chiclayo, Peru

(Peru CNSAM). On Thursday, December 4, 2014, Graduation and the End of Classes of the Nazarene Theological Seminary in Peru (NTSP) were held in the Central District facilities in the city of Chiclayo in northern Peru.

The name given to this generation of graduates was “Centennial Roger S. Winans” in memory of the celebration of the first 100 years since the arrival of the Church of the Nazarene in Peru by the first missionary who came to the country. The 25 graduates, from the residence program and the extension program (ETED), finished the Bachelors program in Theology. Their names are:

Mery Joana Altamirano Carbajal, Nery Altamirano Casas, Esther Caruajulca Silva, Yenny Anabel Estela Lora, Jhony Alexander Lamadrid Mayanga, Gilmer David León Segura, Roger Melvin Leyva Rafael, Viviana Mermao Nolorve, Erick Jhonatan Montalvo Paraguay, Marleni Neira Huamán, Arleni Pérez Torres, Hllda Riojas Llamo, Carlos Alberto Tiznado Cabello, José Javier Bustamante Suárez, Irma Angélica Madrid Mendoza, Ley Neider Fernández Cubas, Elías Torres Flores, Darwin Danducho Esamat, Henry Pasapera Ruiz, María Rossana Silva Castro, Abraham Farro Farro, Soledad Umbelina Burga Monteza, Daniel René Sarmiento López, Zaida Maribel Retamozo Siancas, Mercedes Noriega Vega,

This great event in the life of the Seminary and the Church in Peru was attended by the Strategy Coordinator for the Area of Peru, Rev. Segundo Rimarachín; the president of the Church of the Nazarene Association of Peru (CNAP), Rev. Oscar Medina Guzmán; the District Superintendents, pastors and members of local churches. The special speaker was Rev. Jorge L. Julca, Regional Coordinator of Theological Education for South America.

As part of the ceremony the rector, Rev. Evelio Vásquez Malca, presented a brief report of the ministry of the Nazarene Theological Seminary of Peru, which presently serves the country of Peru through the programs of Certification, Bachelor’s degree and university degree in Theology.

The program also included the sending out of the seminarians that completed their third year of theological studies and will leave in 2015 for different districts to do their year of Practical Ministry.

Source: Jorge Julca.
Translation: Evelyn Ovando.

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