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Graduation in the STN of Peru

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Graduation in the STN of Peru

(Peru CNSAM). On December 5, 2013 in the Nazarene Tabernacle in Chiclayo graduation 2013 of the Peru Nazarene Theological Seminary was celebrated with an attendance of approximately 800 people.

As part of the Centennial of the Church of the Nazarene in Peru, the Nazarene Theological Seminary once again fulfilled its task. With a lot of excitement, joy and satisfaction and after a year of practical ministry days before the 44 graduates arrived from the East North Mountains, Center and from other points of the country to the heroic city of Chiclayo, the “Capital of Friendship”. Each year this celebration is unique; this time, fellowship, meals, thanksgiving, joys and nostalgia nourished the meeting.

The class of 2013 took the name of “Dr. Francisco Cabanillas A.” And the 44 graduates of the different programs of which STNP offer are:

Certificate in Christian Ministry: Flor M. Sánchez H.; Guillermo Palco P.; María N. Sánchez H.; Miguel Guevara T. y Samuel Vásquez S.

Associates in Theology: Alex W. Condorachay H.; Ana Alfaro J.; Belisario Gonzáles R.; Blanca F. Benavides C.; Eleuterio Delgado V.; Elías Malca S.; Eliser Castillo T.; Elizabeth Gamonal S.; Hilvar Huamán Q.; Ingrid M. Chahuilco G.; Ítalo Gonzáles J.; Jhon M. Mego J.; José D. Chamaya S.; José M. Medina C.; José R. Chamaya S.; Juan C. Gasco A.; Juana, Vásquez M.; Julio C. Otoya M.; Lenin Mendoza C.; Leydi Izquierdo V.; Luz E. Ramos V.; Marielena Neyra R.; Mariella Curay P.; Mary J. Aguilar A.; Miguel H. Chavesta L.; Nancy del Pilar Caruajulca Z.; Nancy Vásquez F.; Nazario Carrillo de la Cruz; Nórvil Ramos B.; Ricardo M. Barón A.; Roxana Bustamante B.; Segundo A. Becerra A.; Severino Delgado L.; Walter Vásquez R.; Wilmer Cieza B. y Yohana E. Maza O.

Bachelors in Theology: Alfonzo de la Cruz Cajo y Vidalina Medina Burga.

Masters (in agreement with SENDAS): Samuel Vásquez Guevara.

Dr. Dan Copp, Global Education Commissioner, was the honored guest, preaching an inspiring message for the graduates and all that were present, based on Philippians 4:1-6. In this historic event for the Church Of The Nazarene, the visit of the South America Regional Theological Education Coordinator, Dr. Jorge Julca was also enjoyed; as well as the district superintendents and pastors from Peru. A profound gratitude to God wrapped those present for this group of men and women that achieved this goal to better serve God and their church.

Source: Evelio Vazquez.
Translation: Cindy Downey.

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