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Holiness Magazine in Brazil

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Holiness Magazine in Brazil

(Brazil CNSAM) With an initial printing of 20,000 copies, the magazine Santidade began publication in Brazil in July 2012.

With an idea begun in the heart of Pastor Aguiar Valvassoura, director of the subregion Brasil, the magazine Santidade seeks to inform about the activities of the Church of the Nazarene and strengthen the unity and Nazarene identity in Brazil.

The magazine Santidade, written completely in Portuguese, is published three times a year in color and is initially geared toward Nazarenes in Brazil. The general producer is the subregion of Brazil, and the editors are Pastor Ernesto Ferreira and journalist Rose Guglielminetti who is known in this country for her career in newspaper journalism.

Santidade is the official publication of the Church of the Nazarene in Brazil. Although it is currently not available electronically, the magazine’s web site should soon be accessible:

At a cost of R$2.00 per copy, the magazine is available for purchase through the District Superintendents across Brazil. The dream is for this high quality publication to go to each of the120,000+ Nazarenes for their spiritual growth and unity in the body of Christ.

Source: Marcos Lucas, Director CNP de Brasil.

Translation: Jennifer Edgerton

También disponible en / Also available in / Também disponível em: Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)