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Holiness Summit, Cuyo District in Argentina

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Holiness Summit, Cuyo District in Argentina

(Argentina CNSAM). There was a Holiness Summit held in the Cuyo District on September 7th – 9th, 2012, with 180 people participating. The event was held in the city’s theater which is located on the lower level of the Deliberating Council’s building in the city of Rivadavia, Mendoza Province, Argentina.

During the event, several different topics relevant to our Church were addressed, including: NMI Ministries, Compassionate Ministries, Jesus Film and Evangelism Ministries, SDMI and NYI Ministries. There were also three Worship workshops given.

During the different workshops and general sessions, the following speakers shared: Juan José Zani, Alberto Giménez, Carlos Radi, Wilmar Rojas, Alejandro Díaz, Viviana y Pablo Tello, and the music band, Los Armas, from Colombia. Rev. Mike Dennis, the pastor of the First Church of the Nazarene in Canton, Ohio, United States, also visited. He preached the blessed message of holiness to the people of God gathered there. He also gave these workshops: “The vision to lead the church,” in which he shared his experiences of nearly 30 years pastoring and administering the church in the aforementioned congregation of over 1,000 members. He also shared the workshop, “Hermeneutics” where he presented the basics of constructing a sermon.

A testimony from one of the participants: One of the participants came up and referenced the NMI logo about Discipling (the logo is a mature leaf and one that is developing), and said, “I have been a Christian for 3 years and I am still the leaf that is developing. I want to grow and mature to be able to disciple others. Today I am being discipled; tomorrow I want to do the discipling.”

A testimony from one of the speakers: During a break while he rested and prepared the sermon for that night, the owner of the hotel came up to Pastor Mike Dennis and told him that one of her employees was going through a difficult time and wasn’t feeling well. The owner invited Pastor Mike to help in this situation. Pastor Mike found the employee and shared his experience with the Lord. When the employee heard Pastor Mike’s testimony, she got excited and understood that there was hope in Jesus. In that moment she decided to turn her life over to Jesus. This new believer has been put in contact with a church close to her home. God can use us in many different ways and in many different places.

Source: Wilmar Rojas, Missionary in the Southern Cone Field.

Traducción: Jessica Rojas.

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