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Honor to whom honor is due

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Honor to whom honor is due

(CNSAM Brazil) On February 7, at 81 years of age, dear sister Zilta Rocha de Carvalho Oliveira passed away, in the city of Brasilia, Brazil.

She was the wife of Rev. José Zito Oliveira, the first Nazarene in the country of Brazil and one of the pioneers of the church in the Federal Capital of Brazil, who also pastored in the city of Campinas.

For many years, she was an educator, psychoanalyst and Nazarene leader in the area of Christian Education. She always said: “The Gospel that has value is one that is transmitted to future generations.” This is what occurred in her family, their children, Rev. Luiz Carlos, Rute, Rev. Humberto and Rev. Eduardo are active leaders in the Church of the Nazarene just as are their grandchildren.

Pray that the Lord may bring consolation to the whole family.

Source: Pastor Manuel Lima

Translation: Cindy Downey

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