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Hurricane Patricia

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Hurricane Patricia

(Mexico CNSAM). Our brothers in Mexico need our prayers and support.

On the afternoon of Friday, October 23, 2015, the Category 5 Hurricane Patricia came through the western coast of Mexico, at a speed of 266 kilometers per hour (over 165 MPH). It was described as “the most powerful hurricane in the history of Mexico and the Western Hemisphere.” However, the damage caused has been much lower than expected because, at landfall, the hurricane lost strength rapidly to become a tropical depression, the National Water Commission (CNA) reported.

According to the first report of damage given by Mexican authorities between 3000 and 3500 homes were partially or totally affected. In addition, up to 3,500 hectares (over 8600 acres) of agricultural fields were destroyed. *

Pray for our Mexican brothers. The churches in the affected areas are serving as shelters while seeking information about people from their congregation and community. Please, let’s motivate our congregations to make offerings to support the church in recovery efforts.

Offerings can be sent through local churches, the districts, and those being sent to the region. Please, in the donation, indicate the following code: “MNC 125458 Hurricane Patricia”.

God bless our brothers in Mexico!

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Editorial: Germán Picavea and Tabitha González.
Translator: Janet Reinhart.

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