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II Houses of Blessing Encounter

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II Houses of Blessing Encounter

(Venezuela CNSAM). On the 18th of July, 2015, the Church of the Nazarene, Valle de Beraca, Venezuela-Lago District, celebrated its 2nd Houses of Blessing Encounter 2015. Attendees and leaders from 24 Houses of Blessing came together and participated in the showing of the Jesus film. 180 people attended of which 40 reaffirmed their faith in Christ. Every house chose a name that had something to do with the teachings received, there were testimonies of change in their lives and the children and teens put Bible passages in drama. God’s word was brought by Deaconess and District Secretary, Beatriz de Andrade.

Houses of Blessing has been a tool for evangelism since 2014 by Evangelism Ministry and the Jesus Film of Venezuela, coordinated by Pastor Allan Díaz and under the supervision of Coordinator of Fundamental Ministries for Venezuela, Rev. Carlos Cordero.

This tool is about holding meetings in small groups (cells) in homes of non converts of the community where a church is located. The meetings are held once a week for 3 months and show a segment of the Jesus film: Encounters that transform your life, Extraordinary Encounters and Encounters with my friend Jesus. After the 3 months those who have attended are invited to the church for a closing event in which their faith is reaffirmed and they are encouraged to become part of the Church of the Nazarene. They also give testimony as to how the weekly segments of the Jesus film have impacted them.

The next planned period is September to November of 2015 and are hoping to reach 30 homes to share the Gospel through the wonderful tool that the Jesus film is.

The National Evangelism and Jesus Film ministries are also promoting this tool to the country’s Districts to help support growth in the churches and establish new preaching points.

Source: Allan Díaz.
Translation: Steve Brown.

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