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Inauguration of Wesleyan Studies Center

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Inauguration of Wesleyan Studies Center

(Brazil CNSAM). On May 15, 2015, in the FNB (Nazarene College of Brazil) facilities, the official act of founding NEW (Wesleyan Studies Center) was held. This is the first such center in all of Latin America.

The purpose of NEW is to strengthen the roots of holiness people, especially the Wesleyan segment, and to present a relevant and contextualized theology in the face of contemporary challenges; to unite the Wesleyans around the world, with an emphasis in Latin America, to make known our theology so that it be accessible to scholars and to the general public.

With its foundation in the FNB, among its objectives and activities are the development of future productions of investigation, forums, symposiums, conferences and the creation of a cultural heritage of its own for those interested in this field of theological knowledge

Among the members present at the ceremony were Ramon Santos Costa, General Director of FNB; Sandra Lane, Librarian of FNB; Adolfo Maia, Scientist and member of FNB; Vinicius do couto, Professor of FNB and writer; Luis Felipe Borduan, Pastor and Professor of STNB/Rio Baixada; Nathalie Amaral, Professor of STNBRio Grande and investigator; Eduardo Vasconcelos, Pastor and Editor and Gesiel Borges da Silva, student of Physics at UNICAMP (State University of Campinas).

Source: Ramón Santos da Costa.
Translation to Spanish: Germán Picavea.
Translation to English: Evelyn Ovando.

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