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Jesus film in Colombia

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Jesus film in Colombia

(Colombia CNSAM). On November 8-9, 2012, the District Superintendents and district Jesus Film Coordinators from the 6 districts in Colombia met together to be inspired and plan for the future of this exciting ministry.

The Nazarene Jesus Film Ministry in the North Andean Field of South America is responsible for tens of thousands of people finding Jesus. Dozens of new churches have been planted.
Statistics say that every 100 people who see the movie Jesus in South America, 16 accept Jesus as their personal Savior and 10 people continue to discipleship. We give glory and honor to God!

The presentations of all the speakers were very inspiring and the presence of the Spirit of the Lord was there. Dr. Christian Sarmiento, Regional Director for SAM, Dr. Carlos Fernandez, Regional Coordinator for Evangelism, Rev. Alfredo Mulieri, Jesus Film Coordinator for Brazil, and Rev. Dwight Rich, Field Strategy Coordinator for the North Andean Field shared about past success, challenges for the future, and a new strategy for the Jesus Film. The organizers of the event were Dr. Luis Meza and Pastor Milton Mateus, we thank the good job.

The Colombian Team decided to add 5 new Jesus Film teams to bring the total to seven. A new strategy was adopted from the SAM Region. The original Jesus Film, the Jesus Film for Children, and Magdalena have all been broken down into short segments for use in home cell groups. Each segment deals with a specific theme and becomes a discussion starter. Manuals are also used to guide these evangelistic meetings.

Our Colombian leaders left Bogotá with a new commitment to see “Jesus” make a difference!

Source: Dwight Rich and Carlos Fernandez.

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