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Leadership Congress South American Region

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Leadership Congress South American Region

(CNSAM). The South American Regional Vision is “Living the Great Commission”. This means each member of the Church of the Nazarene in South America reaching out to their communities by exercising their gifting. The vision is to involve every member with their gifting and ministry.

The vision has five initiatives: (1) Revival (each local church preaching the message of holiness); (2) Evangelism (each believer reaching the lost around them); (3) Discipleship (each believer growing in Christ, finding their ministry and becoming an active part of the body of Christ); (4) Leadership: Finding, training, deploying potential leaders to guide the churches and ministries in the region; (5) Communication: Telling the marvelous story of what God is doing so He receives all the honor and glory.

Recently the South American Region initiated the Leadership phase with a four-country Leadership Congress. The congresses were held in Armenia, Colombia; Pilar, Argentina; Asunción, Paraguay; and Lima, Perú. The congresses were attended by the District Superintendents of each respective country with four or five outstanding leaders from their districts. Four Field Strategy Coordinators participated, Rev. Dwight Rich, Rev. Juan José Zani, Rev. Félix Vargas and Rev. Segundo Rimarachín, along with 35 district superintendents and 442 outstanding district leaders. Each of them made the commitment of training 20 leaders of their own for next year, thus multiplying the number of leaders.

The speakers at the conference were: Dr. David Graves, General Superintendent in Jurisdiction of South America; Dr. Vern Ward, Global Mission Director; Dr. Christian Sarmiento, South America Regional Director; Dr. Douglas Carter, Vice-President of Equip International Ministries; Dr. Carlos Fernandez, South American Leadership Coordinator; Dr. Jorge Julca, South American Regional Educational Coordinator; Rev. Calvin Glidden, Senior Pastor of the First Church of the Nazarene in Fort Worth, Texas, United States who spoke Pastoral Leadership in the Local Church and Rev. Marty Hoskins Director of Mission Deployment. All sessions were videotaped by the South American Communication Office and these will be available for the use of the participants in training others. Dr. Carter has a partnership agreement with the South America Church of the Nazarene so the Equip training program could be used by the trainees. Rev. Marty Hoskins worked with the participants using the Strengths Finder assessment tool, helping each of them to focus on their giftedness and strengths.

Although this was a leadership training event, God came many times as people felt the commitment to continue being servant-leaders with a loving passion for the lost, evangelism, discipleship, and leadership.

Source: Germán Picavea, Comunications Regional Coordinator, South America Region.

Translation: Christian Sarmiento.

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