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Leadership Encounter

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Leadership Encounter

(Argentina CNSAM). August 16-18 2013, in the city of Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires province, the Coastal District churches of the Nazarene held a leadership encounter.

The coastal churches of Argentina gathered together for training, to reaffirm the vision and propose new challenges. Pastor Carlos Radi in plenary sessions reinforced the five keys the church is pushing in South America: deep personal revival; contextualized evangelism; holiness discipleship; development of leaders and continual communication. Pastors Eduardo Velázquez and Pablo Tello in their sessions encouraged those present to prepare themselves theologically and a variety of ways that the Southern Cone Theological Seminary offers of long distance and virtual courses were presented. “It was impacting to see some 20 leaders present lifted their hands indicating their desire to take these courses”, Pastor Zani said.

Pastor Alberto Costilla shared about the vision of a new time of evangelism and multiplication. Finally, Pastor Juan José Zani, finished his session with: “With Christ there are no limits”, the strategy for God’s vision for the Coastal District.

During the three days, 50 leaders and more than 100 brothers and sisters attended, in which children, youth and adults eagerly participated in each event and celebrated together in the worship service. There were different artistic expressions through choreography and sign language presented by the local group of children “DNA” directed by Samuel Costilla. Pastor Pedro Vergara closed with an encouraging message to respond affirmatively and trust in God’s call.

With a spirit of communion and encouraged to keep growing the kingdom of God they dismissed until the next encounter, planned for September 2013, in the coastal city of villa Gesell.

”…Each testimony by the pastors was powerful. Without a doubt God was sending a revival over our district…” Pastor Zani concluded.

Source: Juan José Zani, Superintendent Coastal District.

Edited by: Susana Cabral.

Translation: Steve Brown.

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