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Look of Love Corporation Inaugurated

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Look of Love Corporation Inaugurated

(Chile CNSAM). The Look of Love Corporation was officially inaugurated on February 2, 2013. This corporation will offer professional attention to children and young people who have diverse disabilities. The facilities of the Church of the Nazarene in Valparaiso, Chile will house this project.

There were 30 children accompanied by their families at the inauguration. The occasion took place in a spirit of celebration and games among the attendees.

Due to the diverse and complex conflicts that innumerable families face when one of their members has a disability, this organization was created to help the families integrally. This will be done through four principal objectives:

1. Through a multidisciplinary staff who will introduce the tools for diagnosis, treatment, resources, and necessary support for the successful development of the child with special education needs.

2. To develop workshops in two areas: for boys and girls, learning social abilities and the activities of daily life; and, for youth, autonomy, independence, and good work habits.

3. Since it is an entity born under the Church of the Nazarene, it will also provide spiritual orientation to the families in all the emotional stages experienced, accompanied by and strengthening Christian values. In this way, the work team of the corporation will arrange for the work of a chaplain as a spiritual advisor to accomplish this objective.

4. To relate to other institutions, establishing networks of support for the united attainment of objectives related to inclusion, integration, accessibility, and normalization.

Even though the formal work with the children will not begin until April, 2013, other activities have been developed which will assist the families with disabled children and young people. On January 26, 2013, a meeting called “Body, Soul, and Spirit” was held for women. Advice about beauty, psychological support and spiritual help was given. On February 1, 2013, at the medical center of the Chilean Police in Valparaiso, advice was given to families of children by doctors and other professionals. Rev. René Noé, is the chaplain at the center.

Rev. René Noé and his wife, Lorena, who are responsible for this project, thanked God that little by little this project is coming to fruition. Recently a Work and Witness team from Chicago, Illinois helped in the construction of the first rooms that will serve for the care of the children. The pastors are trusting in God for the completion of the building. More information in:

Source: Patricio Huanca, National Communication Coordinator in Chile.

Translation: Cheryl Cox.



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