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Love Extreme Spurs Growth

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Love Extreme Spurs Growth

(Ecuador CNSAM). Two Church of the Nazarene church plants in Ecuador are experiencing growth after the large evangelism project, Love Extreme, in July.

The sister churches La Puerta Abierta in Ambato and Ibarra, Ecuador were blessed to host a group of 66 short-term volunteers from the United States between July 17 and 29.

For the first half of the project, the short-term volunteers worked in the city of Ibarra alongside the 40/40 church planting team. The volunteers participated in a variety of outreach events including a neighborhood block party, medical clinics, a cooking class, a kids event, park clean-up, nail painting, and visits to an orphanage, disabled person home, retirement home, and hospital. The largest event was a breakdance competition which attracted an audience of over 800.

For the second half of the project, the volunteers helped with medical clinics and evangelism in Ambato. The volunteers participated in prayer walks, visitation and prayer in hospitals, and promotion for the mega event held on July 26. The mega event was held in the Lalama Theater downtown, with special speaker Pastor Ferney, former cartel member of Cali, Colombia, and now leader in the House of Prayer Church of the Nazarene in Cali. Around 400 people attended the mega event, and 76 people gave their lives to Christ.

The effects of the Love Extreme project on the two church plants have been clearly evident with increased Sunday morning church attendance. In fact, the attendance has increased so much in Ibarra that on September 7, the church plant of just over 6 months began a second service. In Ambato, the church plant of over a year has seen an increase of 10-20 in their Sunday morning service, and an increase in their youth service. Their home Bible studies are growing and local leaders are beginning to take on more responsibilities in the church such as following up with new visitors, teaching Bible study lessons, and organizing events.

Both of these church plants are being planted with 40/40 missionaries from Extreme Nazarene.

Fuente: Michael Wheatley.

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