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Medical team in the Amazons

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Medical team in the Amazons

(Brazil CNSAM). From the 24-30 of August, a Work and Witness team from the Northeastern Indiana District came to the Amazons to give medical attention to the river communities and Indians along the Rio Cuieiras.

The trip was lead by District Work and Witness director, pastor Thomas Govin and coordinated by pastor Joyce Tempel. The team was made up of 18 people, American doctors and nurses, a Brazilian doctor and translators, as well as pastor Manuel Lima whom introduced the group to the communities.

Over the course of three days the team tended to 107 people and distributed 230 free medicines to those in need. They also held an evangelistic campaign and oral hygiene clinic for around 100 children and around 80 of them were blessed with a New Testament from the Gideons.

The team offered free haircuts, which attracted around 100 people. Every person tended to was an opportunity to show the love Jesus, who hears our requests and sees our needs.

One of the team members, Carson Wells, a pharmacist, said something that summed up the work done: “this project is not just about medical attention or haircuts, but the Gospel of Jesus transmitted through it.” As christians we are challenged to use our gifts not as an end to themselves but to glorify God and make the name of Christ known.

Source: Joyce Tempel.
Editing : Maely Santos.
Translation: Steve Brown.

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