Make Christ like Disciples in the Nations




Genre: Testimonial

Starring: Félix Vargas, Alex Adames, Titana Buritica, Sebahstian Valencia.

Director: Gregory Sheffer.

Writer: Bryan Rich.

Photographer: Lee Rudeen.

Music: Mark Brandon Hill.

Edited by: Bryan Rich.

Length: 23 min

Language: Spanish, Portuguese.

Subtitles: Spanish, Portuguese, English.

Sinopsis: in the early ’90s,a war raged in Colombia between two competing drug cartels. Born of this violence, Felix Vargas knows no emotion, and is trained to be a killer.

When caught handling drugs, he is sentenced to seven years in Miami prison, Felix’s world begins to change as one person shows him Christ’s love. When deported back to Colombia, he embarks on a journey from dark to light.

Felix_Poster_A3 Felix_Poster_A3
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También disponible en / Also available in / Também disponível em: Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)