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Mission Emersion

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Mission Emersion

(Ecuador CNSAM). Today, July 10, 2014, began a project that has been planned for almost a year by the Mission Emersion team of the Church of the Nazarene lead by Greg Taylor. Working along with him are: Rob North, Liliana Reza, Liliana and Fernando Almeida, Adiel Amadeu, Dana Howard, Steanie Phelps, Jimmy De Gouvea, Jon Fischer and Dwight Rich.

Young people from different parts came answering the call. The group from the United States was one of the first to respond with 27 participants from different states like Kansas, Texas and Alaska. Following them was Brazil with six participants, all young women from the Sao Paulo district and finally, Chile with two young participants from the city of Arica in the Norte district. They represent the different communities of the world: USA/Canada, Eurasia, South America, Africa, Mesoamerica and Asia-Pacific. This is how they were subdivided in order to receive the different workshops to develop this call.

The work is intense. The program began with a video greeting from Gary Hartke, the Global NYI Director. Then Greg Taylor as the event director, prayed to begin the workshops for the day. The first of which, Ecuadorian Cultural Orientation, where the full potential of the host country was unveiled, was led by Rev. Dwight Rich, Field Strategy Coordinator. Then Greg Taylor and Liliana Reza presented the global vision for the day. Rob North shared about travel and security, since the missionaries should be careful when leaving their home country to share the gospel with all nations; and pastor Adiel Amadeu presented a history of evangelism. They were also given activities and work to do in teams outdoors on the South American Nazarene Theological Seminary campus in Quito Ecuador.

The end of the workshop was framed with praise led by the Carcelen Alto Church of the Nazarene. Rev. Fernando Almeida was in charge of ministering a word of reflection.

Source: Leandro Longo.
Translation: Cindy Downey.

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