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Missions Group

(Argentina CNSAM). A group of youth from Brazil arrived in Argentina to share God’s love.

From January 7 to 17, 2014 a delegation of youth from the Church of the Nazarene in Campinas, Brazil arrived in Argentina with the purpose of blessing different communities. This is something that they began doing about two years ago in different places such as Africa, Chile, and several cities in their country. This missions project emerged from the youth groiup of the local church, led by the pastor Edmur Penteado, in order to create within the participants the desire and the passion for service through missions. The regional NYI president, Adiel Teixeira, joined the group for this opportunity.

Each participant was responsible for providing the economic resources to travel so that they would not create extra expense for the places they visited. They began practicing the language and the art of communicating more effectively with the people of the country they were visiting. In the midst of these challenges, each participant had seven intercessors from the local church who committed to covering them in prayer from the beginning of the project until they returned to their homes.

Everywhere they went, they held an outdoor evangelistic program geared toward the children but that involved the whole family through sports, artistic painting, drawing, music groups playing live Christian music with Brazilian samba rhythm and by offering a manicure to the mothers who were present. The event ended with two evangelistic skits calling for salvation and inviting people to the meetings that the church or mission regularly holds.

This time the destination for the 45 Brazilians was Argentina, specifically serving in the cities of Rosario (in the Santa Fe province) and different places in and around Buenos Aires. By the grace of God and with the freshness, love and creativity which characterized this group, many families heard the Word of God and made a decision to follow Christ.

United, the Argentines and Brazilians continued to fulfill the objective of building God’s kingdom.

Source: Vanilda Ferreira Souza.
Written by: Susana Cabral.
Translation: Jennifer Edgerton.

NOTE: * While the call is made by the youth ministry, no age limit for participants.

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