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National ETED Conference: Chiclayo, Peru

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National ETED Conference: Chiclayo, Peru

(Peru CNSAM). May 9-10, 2013 the National Theological Education by Extension (ETED) Conference was held in the city of Chiclayo in Peru’s North District at the Nazarene Theological Seminary. The purpose of these conferences is to help pastors and professors improve as they prepare those called to ministry in the various districts of Peru. Fifty people from different parts of the country attended.

The central themes of the conference dealt with Theological Education and Ministerial Formation and were presented in a very dynamic way. Dr. Jorge Julca, Regional Coordinator of Theological Education, masterfully emphasized these two fundamental aspects of our work today.

The Executive Director of the Institute of Wesleyan Studies, Johnny Llerena, covered topics such as Wesleyan Theology in light of the urban changes and the new scene for the mission of the church. Llerena used his vast knowledge regarding the current national situation and Wesleyan thinking to address the doubts and challenges of the work to be done by Theological Education in Peru and Latin America. Other central themes of the conference were: Pedagogy and Contextualized Methodology for Significant Teaching. Professor Benjamín Ramos underscored the importance of using varied methodology in theological education.

Professor Marcial Banda, emphasized that the syllabus is one of the key elements in the development of a course. It must be well thought out, developed and contextualized so that students can understand its purpose.

The two issues slated for this year’s ETED agenda were the Certification in Theological Education to be offered by the Seminary to further improve ETED teachers and the increase in online enrollment, both for the high school and undergraduate programs. The Certification project was cordially received from the Southern Cone’s Nazarene Theological Seminary, which will offer three online courses and three classroom courses in Chiclayo.

The conference concluded with the distribution of certificates and a CD with a virtual library to each of the participants and special recognition of Dr. Jorge Julca for his valuable support of the conference.

Source: Oscar Suárez Becerra, National Communications Coordinator-Peru.
Translation: Jennifer Edgerton.

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