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National Evangelism Retreat

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National Evangelism Retreat

(Colombia CNSAM). From April 11-14, 2014, a National Evangelism Retreat was held in the city of Bucaramanga. Fifteen participants from Columbia’s six districts attended the event.

The retreat was named Phase 222 (2 Timothy 2:2), and the challenge presented is to make sustained, intentional and contextualized evangelism the emphasis in each local church so that growth for the Church of the Nazarene in Colombia happens in a holistic manner where many homes are places for preaching the Gospel.

The event included special participation from Pastor Milton Mateus, National Evangelism Coordinator; Rev. Luis Meza, Holistic Ministries Coordinator for Colombia; and Daniel Herrera, a member of the Jesus Film Ministry who came from Kansas City, MO.

Source: Juan Carlos Soto.
Translation: Jennifer Edgerton.

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