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National Ministries Encounter

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National Ministries Encounter

(Argentina CNSAM). The Church of the Nazarene in Argentina, desiring to equip district leaders in every ministry, held the second National Ministries Encounter August 15–17, 2015 in Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 180 leaders and pastors from the 12 Argentine districts attended. They were ministered to, trained, and provided with reproducible tools they can use in their respective districts to see the work of the Lord advance in a better way.

Workshops, plenary sessions, and practical work along with services and fellowship time was part of the encounter. The trainers were the regional coordinators:Liliana Reza, Patricia Picavea, Germán Picavea, Tabita González, David González, Napoleón Guerrero and Jorge Julca, plus the national coordinators: Carlos Radi, Wilmar Rojas, Robin Radi, Jessica Rojas, Marcelo Fretes, and Viviana Pérez.

Enthusiasm, motivation, and spiritual renewal was the result of the encounter. The event ended when the leaders of each district who had been trained, presented their plan to hold a training event on their respective districts.

While the leaders were being equipped, a group of 76 children and adolescents were ministered to by 12 pastors’ children under the leadership of Jessica Rojas. The participants were ministered to and also had workshops and games.

Source: Viviana Pérez.
Translation: Cheryl Cox.

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