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National Retreat in Chile

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National Retreat in Chile

(Chile CNSAM). A great time of blessing was experienced in the Pastors’ and Leaders’ National Retreat on May 1-3 in the city of Santiago, Chile whose slogan was “Win the Word Without Losing Your Soul” based on the biblical text of Luke 9:25.

The Villa el Dorado Church of the Nazarene hosted this retreat in collaboration with the Chilean Bible Seminary for the first time on a national level. This was a refreshing time for local leaders as well as national pastors and leaders. Both national and international speakers shared during the event which provided devotional times, ministry, worship and wonderful times of fellowship.

Among the international participants were Alexandre Cruz and Severino Jose Quirino from Brazil and Carlos Fernández from Argentina. Those from Chile who were in charge of sharing and ministering to the ladies were Rev. María Paz del Canto and Cristiane Polonio—a missionary in Chile with her husband Alessandro Polonio, Holistic Ministries Coordinator and organizer of the event.

It was important to have participants from the districts Chile North, Bío Bío as well as the host district Chile Central. The event exceeded expectations in both the number of participants and depth of spiritual enrichment. The Chilean leaders who attended were Rev. Richard Faúndez, Juan Badilla, Orestes Barbosa and Oscar Varas.

The activity culminated with a service where communion was served and a written commitment was publicly signed by each district superintendent, a pastor and a lay person from each district represented. They committed themselves to be more engaged in the ministries of compassion and evangelism and the use of tools like the Jesus Film. Highlights from the document:

We reaffirm our commitment to evangelism in our beloved nation, to make a greater effort to bring our fellow citizens to the feet of our beloved God, acknowledging that only Christ can turn around our hedonistic and consumerist society which seems to operate without values.

We assume that the most efficient implementation of these objectives is a commitment to national unity, allowing us to complement each other and help each other in the development of our local churches and district, expressing a testimony to our society of true national unity, promoting the identity of the Church of the Nazarene in Chile, and causing a real push for development and growth.

In spite of challenges before us, we are committed to make at least one more effort in the different places where we each serve, not to give up, to continue to develop our ministries, and especially in the pursuit of total dependence on God’s grace, declaring it will happen through God’s supernatural work and transformation of human nature.

As immediate actions, they sent help to those affected by the enormous forest fires in the port of Valparaíso and formed a national Disaster Response committee. May 14, the committee planned to meet with José David Acosta, Regional Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Coordinator, to evaluate damage from the recent earthquake in the city of Iquique.

Source: Oscar Varas Jr. and Patricio Huanca.
Written by: Germán Picavea and Patricio Huanca.
Translation: Jennifer Edjerton.

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