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Nazarene Camps in Venezuela

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Nazarene Camps in Venezuela

(Venezuela CNSAM). From August 6th to 23rd of 2012, the Church of the Nazarene in Venezuela held their annual camps in an atmosphere of emotion, wonderful fellowship and enjoying the presence of God.

The Nazarene camps are held every year during the school holidays, for three consecutive weeks, one of which is dedicated especially to the family and children, other for teens, and the last one to the young, which is most attended camp. People from different parts of the country, not only believers but friends of local churches, attend the Nazarene camp Jiraquito.

The beautiful place consists of 129 hectares planted with nearly 200 thousand pines, and is located in the mountainous western center, at 1050 meters above sea level with a climate that ranges between 12 and 19 Celsius degrees. Over the years, the church here has built comfortable and beautiful facilities, among which is a large sanctuary with a capacity for 500 people. Until recent years, the Work and Witness teams of Americans contributed greatly to the improvement of the place, but after the departure of the missionaries in 2008, national groups are organized throughout the year working on construction projects.

This year the total attendance reached nearly 800 people, and the program of sermons, workshops and other activities was exclusively by national leaders and district superintendents, coordinators of ministries, pastors, NYI district presidents, etc.. The youth camp this year had the theme “Metamorphosis”, God’s presence had a profound impact on young people, especially during the last night when they performed a symbolic “hand washing” by district superintendents representing the personal purification. Young people spontaneously hugged each other while crying and crying to God for his spiritual transformation.

The Venezuela Nazarenes appreciate the prayers of the Nazarenes around the world, for in the midst of such great blessings our camp has also faced threats and contradictions from the outside because of the same political situation in the country.

Source: Eudo Prado, Nazarene camps Coordinator in Venezuela.

Translation: Priscila Picavea.

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