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NPH Brazil is here to serve

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NPH Brazil is here to serve

(Brasil CNSAM). In June of 2013 a book by Dr. Luiza H. Endo was launched:

capa fontes que nascem no deserto - 02-2013“Fontes que nascem no deserto” (Fountains in the Desert), a therapy session with God. This book gives deep study and thought, coming from the writer’s deep relationship with God. It is a nice and edifying read, a real adventure.

capa pais divorciados - josé pontes certa WebAnother relevant launch is the book by Pr. José Pontes: “Filhos do divorcio”, an analysis on the consequences of divorce on children and society. In the current social articulation, in which many divorce because of many or no reasons, this book will be a great help.

capa 24x17 eu a minha fé e minha dor 02-1013 Web“Revitalizando a Escola Dominical“ (Revisiting Sunday School), Pr. Ernesto Ferreira and the journalist Rose Guglielmentti together wrote, a dynamic publication, contextualized for Sunday School. Beginning with this one, NPH Brazil will launch a series of publications, written by Ebe de Souza, emphasizing that suffering is natural for human beings, but it is in Christ, that makes the difference.

In 2012, Nazarene Publishing House published, among others, three excellent works:

capa mensagens bíblia pura nova versão 09-2012 Web“Mensagens de Biblia Pura” (Pure Bible Messages), from Pr. L. Aguiar Valvassoura, in commemoration for his 32 years in ministry as the senior pastor of Iglesia del Nazareno Central in Campinas.

Capa O Espírito Santo, o Senhor na Igreja - Felicio de Mario capa fotolito Web“Espírito Santo, o Senhor na Igreja“ (The Holy Spirit, Lord of the Church), from Pr. Felício De Mario, who passed on to eternity recently. The objective of the writer is to show that Christ is Lord of the church and the Holy Spirit of the church.

capa Deus chama - collins 04-2012 Web“Deus chama! Confie nele!” (God calls, trust in Him!), written by Robert and Frances Collins, it is a biography, that tells of his calling and the beautiful work they did in Brazil. It is a challenge to youth that want to work.

Nazarene Publishing House in Brazil was organized in 1958, the year the Church of the Nazarene came to Brazil. “All these decades, we have maintained the objective proposed by our denomination, tending as well, to our sister denominations”, says her director, Marcos Adelino Lucas.

NPH Brazil is taking firm steps to increase production of Wesleyan-Armenian theology literature for training pastors and educating Nazarene people, by books, Bible lessons and publications. NPH Brazil is present in all Portuguese-speaking countries, giving literary support to the church for development.

To find out more about NPH Brazil and order materials, visit their Web: You can also visit their physical location at: Rua Professor Luiz Rosa, 242, in central Campinas, Sao Pablo, Brasil, Telephone: (55) 19-3234-7880, E-mail: and

Source: Editorial CNP Brasil.

Translation: Steve Brown.

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