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NYI Global Council meets in Costa Rica

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NYI Global Council meets in Costa Rica

(Costa Rica CNSAM). The Global NYI (Nazarene Youth International) Council met January 14 -16, 2014 in San José, Costa Rica at SENDAS (Nazarene Seminary of the Americas). This was their first meeting of the 2013-2017 quadrennial.

According to the new bylaws of the Global NYI, each region sends one representative to these meetings. Those in attendance were global director Gary Hartke (USA); David Gonzalez, global president (USA); NYI regional coordinators, Ronald Miller (Madagascar/Africa); Janary “Jana” Suyat de Godoy (Philippines/Asia-Pacific); Sabine “Sib” Wielk (Switzerland/Eurasia); Milton Gay (El Salvador/Mesoamerica); Jimmy De Gouveía (Venezuela/South America); and Justin Pickard (USA and Canada).

The council worked on three main items: 1) a new focus toward the NYI mission, 2) the election of the global NYI vice president, and 3) organization of the “Third Wave 2015” event.

The result of these discussions was:

1. The NYI will focus mainly on developing and training more youth around the world without so much emphasis on the policies which has been the emphasis in previous years.

With this new emphasis the NYI wants to multiply leaders on every level, incorporate a mentality of ministry expansion, and implement strategies to attract the masses and retain the youth and get them into the church.

2. Rev. Jimmy de Gouveia was elected the global NYI vice president according to the new bylaws approved at the last NYI Global Convention (June, 2013). Rev. de Gouveia is a Venezuelan and is married to Lisbeth Federico (2002). They have three children: Rebecca (6), Santiago (4), and Aaron (3). He is pastor of the Jesus the Hope Church of the Nazarene in San Diego de Los Altos, Venezuela and has served as the South American NYI Regional Coordinator since 2009.

3. Third Wave was created to meet and develop emerging leaders of the NYI in a global context. The previous events were held in Ecuador, South Africa, and Thailand. The next Third Wave event will meet January 6 -11, 2015 on the campus of SENDAS in San José, Costa Rica at a cost of $300 US dollars per person. For more information you may contact Yecenia Ascanio (, assistant to the NYI regional coordinator for Third Wave 2015.

The Global Council will meet each month by Skype and then will meet as a body in San José, Costa Rica in January, 2015 immediately after the Third Wave event.

Source: Jimmy De Gouveia.
Writed: Germán Picavea.
Translation: Cheryl Cox.

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