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Ocean Baptisms

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Ocean Baptisms

(Argentina CNSAM) Sunday, February 23, 2014 the two Churches of the Nazarene in Puerto Madryn, Argentina held a baptism service in the waters of Argentina’s ocean.

They gathered to celebrate the baptism of: Natalia Gómez, Sergio Brunetti, Dahina Brunetti, Enzo Scalone, Diego Tejerina, Nicolás Márquez, Liliana San Martín, Joaquín Velázquez and Rebeca Velázquez. The two churches that participated, “Rebirth and Life in Christ” and “House of Blessing,” are pastored by Mario Velázquez and Lino Tejerina respectively.

The baptism ceremony was preceded by a time of worship and communion celebrating the Lord’s Supper. While attentively observed by people passing, those being baptized gave public testimony of what God did in their lives.

This time of blessing concluded in the church where Pastor Tejerina shared the Word, and then they all enjoyed a delicious lunch with the recently baptized.

Source: Rev. Lino Tejerina.
Written by: Susana Cabral.

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