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Operation Parintins

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Operation Parintins

(Brazil CNSAM). From the 14th until 29th of July, 2015 the Paulistano district held operation Parintins, an outreach project whose goal was to reach as many people as possible in the city of Parintins (Amazonas) with the Gospel of God’s grace.

The project was organized by young people between 18 and 20 years, who were in charge of aspects in the organization and logistics of the trip. These young people come from the Mission School for Adolescents, a missions program that Paulistano district has developed to awaken and train teenagers for Christian mission service.

Throughout the project preparation process the youth relied on the direction of Maely Santos and Pastor Bruno Macedo. The preparation for the trip began in July 2014, after a year of prayer and fasting, 27 people came to Parintins to see miracles of salvation.

Art was a great tool used by the youth to present the Gospel, they did many skits and circus presentations with a clear and direct message of the Gospel. In between each presentation one of the youth would share their testimony and another would give an alter call, explaining the plan of salvation and inviting people to confess Jesus as Savior.

We praise God for the many people that received Jesus, everywhere people confessed the need of a Savior. Among so many witnesses there is an immense beauty; in a public school with over 500 students, on one afternoon at least 200 students accepted Christ at the school’s athletic field.

The Gospel is the transforming power of God. Our task as a church is to proclaim salvation and to be instruments in preaching the power of God.

Source: Maely Santos.
Translation: Liliana Reza.

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