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Ordination Service in Peru

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Ordination Service in Peru

(Peru CNSAM). On January 26, 2013, in Chiclayo, Peru First Church of the Nazarene on the Peru North District, 12 pastors were ordained as Elders. The candidates who received the highest order in the Church of the Nazarene were previously recommended by their respective districts.

Those ordained from the Peru Northeast District were: María Matilde Becerra, Rosalía Díaz Vargas, Bonifacia Petronila Medina de Sánchez, Delia Senador Ruiz, María Odevia Villalobos Meléndez, and Lucas Hernández León. Those from the Peru Amazon District were: Edgardo Román Córdova, Castinando Vargas Becerra and Nancy Romero Cabanillas.

Representing the Peru North District was: Imelda Tafur Bustamante, Carlos Enrique A. Sánchez, and Lucho David Beltrán Gonzáles. Noé Ventura Zurita is from the Peru Central District.

Dr. David W. Graves, General Superintendent, preached and with deep conviction stated: “The ability, power, and strength to live and carry out ministry come from depending on the power of the Holy Spirit. If we are strong, it is because we always depend on Him. Only in Him will we be grounded in love and will comprehend the height, depth, and width of His love and no one will be able to separate us from this love. We will be filled with the fullness of God.”

At the moment of ordination, he directed these words to the ordinands: Remember that you are called to serve and not to be served; to proclaim the faith of the Church of the Nazarene and not another; to defend against any other doctrine that is not Biblical. Take authority to administer the sacraments and ordinances, and pastor the church with love.”

Others present at the event were Regional Director, Dr. Christian Sarmiento; Strategic Area Coordinator, Rev. Segundo Rimarachín; and elders from throughout Peru.

The service ended with a beautiful time of prayer and communion at the altar. God was present at the event and His grace and peace filled the place.

Source: Oscar Suarez Becerra, National Communications Coordinator in Peru.

Translation: Cheryl Cox.

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