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News from Brazil

A New Church in Brazil

(Brasil CNSAM). With great celebration and thankfulness to God, the Campo Grand Church of the Nazarene on the Rio de […]

Everything has a purpose

(Brazil CNSAM). Rev. José David Acosta, Nazarene Compassion Ministries coordinator of the South America Church of the Nazarene Region, visited […]

Evangelism Conference DCPI

(Argentina CNSAM). In Argentina an Evangelism Conference was held with an emphasis in church planting. The meeting was held November […]

The Jesus Film: It Can’t Be Stopped

(Brazil CNSAM). On November 29, 2012 pastor Alfredo Muliere, National Coordinator of the Jesus Film, visited the Northern Region, more […]

New Hope in a New Boat

(Brazil CNSAM). In the Brazilian Amazon, a new boat is under construction that will continue the missionary work in the […]

ASIT Assembly

(Argentina CNSAM). From October 8-10, 2012, the 36th Symposium and Assembly of the Association of Seminaries and Theological Institutions (ASIT) […]

Strategic Meeting in Brazil’s Sub Region

(Campinas CNSAM). March 2nd and 3rd, the regional leaders meet together at the Campinas Central Church of the Nazarene’s campgrounds, Manaim, […]

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