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News from Colombia

The Colombia Northwest District Assembly

(Colombia CNSAM). On February 7, 2015, in the city of Medellin, Colombia, pastors and delegates of the Northwest District along […]

School Year Begins

(Ecuador CNSAM). On the 12th of January 2015, STNS (South America Nazarene Theological Seminary) officially began its new school year […]

DCPI is one year old

(Argentina CNSAM). In November 2014 the DCPI Project (Dynamic Church Planting International) has completed one year of massive training in […]

DCPI in Colombia

(Colombia CNSAM). On the 27th and 29th of November, 2014 a time of instruction of the DCPI, (Dynamic Church Planting […]

Regional NYI Leaders’ Meeting

(Argentina CNSAM). On October 9 -11, 2014, the NYI leaders from the countries of the South America Region met in […]

Church Planting

(Argentina CNSAM). On October 8th of 2014, in the city of Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina, the seventh DCPI (Dynamic Church […]

Master Plan Convention VIII

(Colombia CNSAM). In the city of Santiago de Cali, Colombia, the International Convention VIII of the Master Plan was held […]

ReVision 2014

(Ecuador CNSAM). From the 22nd to the 24th of April, 2014, in the Nazarene Theological Seminary of South America in […]

National Evangelism Retreat

(Colombia CNSAM). From April 11-14, 2014, a National Evangelism Retreat was held in the city of Bucaramanga. Fifteen participants from […]

Dr. Porter Visits Colombia

(Colombia CNSAM). General Superintendent Dr. Jerry Porter visited Colombia from March 5-9, 2014. Wednesday, March 5, he was in the […]

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