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Virtual Seminary Begins New Term

(Argentina CNSAM). On March 3, 2015, the alliance known as the Virtual Nazarene Seminary began offering online courses in Spanish […]

Retirement of Missionaries Fernández

(Argentina CNSAM). In a special service during the 92nd General Board meeting in Overland Park, KS USA, on February 23, […]

New Literature Coordinator

(Argentina CNSAM). February 12, 2015, Dr. Patricia Picavea was officially named the new Regional Coordinator of Literature for the Church […]

Youth Camp Unidos 2015

(Paraguay CNSAM). On January 9-11, 2015, in the city of Carapeguá, Paraguay, we had our 4th annual youth camp, unifying […]

Regional NYI Leaders’ Meeting

(Argentina CNSAM). On October 9 -11, 2014, the NYI leaders from the countries of the South America Region met in […]

Church Planting

(Argentina CNSAM). On October 8th of 2014, in the city of Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina, the seventh DCPI (Dynamic Church […]

Women Renewed

(Paraguay CNSAM). On September 26-28, 2014 the first National Ladies Retreat was helod in the city of Luque, Paraguay. This […]

National Pastors and Leaders Retreat

(Paraguay CNSAM). A national pastors and leaders retreat was held the 13th to the 15th of June 2014 in Fernando […]

ReVision 2014

(Ecuador CNSAM). From the 22nd to the 24th of April, 2014, in the Nazarene Theological Seminary of South America in […]

BGS Call to Prayer

(United State CNSAM). Nazarenes from around the world will gather next month in Johannesburg, South Africa, for the denomination’s third […]

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