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Pastor’s Meeting in Uruguay North District

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Pastor’s Meeting in Uruguay North District

(Uruguay CNSAM). On June 12-13, 2015 the Uruguay North District held a pastor’s meeting where a summary of seven Nazarene characteristics was presented. The material was taken from the global document, Nazarene Fundamentals

The 12 pastors of organized churches and eight missions present filled out a survey titled “Discover the Strengths.” The district has 32 organized churches and eight missions. The pastors unable to attend had expressed their interest in the meetingThe material was given to the pastors and leaders present and the District Superintendent shared briefly the seven Nazarene characteristics.

The reaction of the group was very enthusiastic and they were surprised to have a complete and good summary from the denomination. Some comments were: Nazarene Fundamentals are the beliefs we have tried to teach our people for years …to discover our identity in a simple y clear way and today we have it in one document. We are happy.” Another pastor said, “I now have a diagnostic of my congregation y I can reinforce those characteristics that are not so strong.” Another said, “Now I have direction to develop the church as a Nazarene Church.”

The pastors who could not attend, filled out the survey on the internet. For more information on Nazarene Fundamentals, visit

Source: Jesús Bernat.
Edited by: Germán Picavea.
Translation: Cheryl Cox.

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