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First pastors retreat Peru central district

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First pastors retreat Peru central district

(Peru NCSAM). The Peru Central Districts’ First Pastors and Wives Retreat was held May 17th to 19th, 2012 in the warm city of Chosica, Peru, located 29 miles from Lima and offering fresh air and a great climate all year round.

The event began with a luncheon on the 17th and participants were housed at the “Primavera” Hotel in downtown Chosica. Meals and training were held on the grounds of the “Finca Bautista”, a Baptist retreat center.

During the retreat attendees participated in the workshop course “Introduction to Spousal Psychotherapy,” sponsored by the Specialized Counseling Institute of Lima. This was thanks to the efforts of district superintendent, Rev. Marcial Rubio. Some of the subjects expounded on regarded the spousal relationship, stereotypes and spousal roles. There was also training in counseling and conflict resolution, domestic violence and therapeutic intervention for couples. The participants will be eligible to receive certification by the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University.

34 pastors and extension seminary students from the city of Lima attended this first retreat and expressed their satisfaction at the conclusion of the event.

Source: Oscar Suarez Becerra, National Communications Coordinator.

Translator: Jim Lynch.

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