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Property Donated

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Property Donated

(Guinea Bissau CNSAM). March 3rd, 2014, Missionary Mario Martínez received one hectare of land donated for the construction of the first Nazarene school in that country.

The donation was made various chiefs of ‘tabankas’ (villages) that were looking for land close to the villages so the children could attend. The property is in the Uabe village, Bissora, in the Ohio Region, approximately 150 kilometers from the capital, Bissau.

Plans are to build a multifunctional church building. Monday through Friday it will serve as classrooms with mobile partitions, Saturdays and Sundays will be for services. There will also be a literacy program for adults in the afternoons there, among other community programs. They will need to work fast now before the rainy season. Guinea Bissau does not have a winter, only a rainy season and a dry season and they last six months each.

Since this is a partnership program between the church and the community, the community will need to find materials such as sand, rock, lumber and labor among other things. Some women and children that very day began to find and store up sand. Missionary Mario Martínez commented: “…when I saw some of the children finding sand for the construction of the school, I couldn’t hold back the tears. I can’t wait for a school close by and to not have to walk many kilometers! At that moment I told God in my heart to increase our faith and vision that we may see beyond our limitations and lack of resources”.

For the functioning of the program they are setting in motion the project: ‘Sponsor a teacher’. The dream of missionary Martinez is to have a network of schools in the rural areas of the interior part of the country, places with much need. Right now many children walk 5 and 10 kilometers to go to school and in other places there are no possibilities of studying because there are no schools.

If you would like more information on how to pray or become part of this project that will bless many children, contact Mario Martínez:

Source: Mario Martínez.
Editing: Germán Picavea.
Translation: Steve Brown.

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