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Regional NCM Conference

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Regional NCM Conference

(Ecuador CNSAM). February 5-7, 2013, in Quito, Ecuador, there was a Nazarene Compassionate Ministry (NCM) Conference with regional leadership from said ministry.

The regional leaders that participated were: José David Acosta, Regional NCM Coordinator; Dana Howard, Ecuador CIM; David Orjuela, Columbia National NCM Coordinator; Isaías Mendoza, Venezuela NCM; Sherry Howard, Ecuador Child Sponsorship; Elda Araus, Bolivia NCM Child Sponsorship; Dwight Rich, Andina Norte Field Strategy Coordinator; L. Pérez, Ecuador district NCM; Hugo Archila, Ecuador NCM; Tania Rimarachín (Peru); Ángel Gamboa, Ecuador Austro district NCM; Jessica Rojas, Southern Cone Field NCM Child Sponsorship; Luzmary Acosta, Regional NCM Child Sponsorship; Bibiana Orjuela, Columbian NCM; Laura Bernat, Uruguay NCM; Caroline Rich, Ecuador NCM Child Sponsorship; Clara Meza, Columbia NCM Child Sponsorship; Ramiro Esteves, Ecuador North Coast District NCM; Wilmar Rojas, Argentina NCM.

Some of the topics discussed were: The crisis that our society and the family are experiencing; The importance of Compassionate Ministry in the life of the local church; Policies to protect childhood; The importance of children and adolescents in the local church; Childhood in the modern world; The response of the local church to the needs of the community and Children as missionaries of the Kingdom.

They were extremely important and relevant workshops for the present and future of the child and adolescent in our churches. The speakers challenged the coordinators to work with local leaders in each country to discover the potential of the child and the adolescent in our local churches and to develop compassionate ministries from the beginning of the local church in their own independent contexts of each country.

Expert and experienced lecturers participated in each one of the topics presented; people that reflected on and amplified the vision of the participants about working with children and adolescents. Among the presenters were Fletcher Tink from the United States who is a professor in the Bresee Institute for Metro Ministries and in the Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City, was a missionary in Bolivia and has lived in various countries including Brazil for his transcultural studies. He worked in NCM in Kansas City and has written various books about Theology and Compassion. Geraldo Nunes from Brazil was another one of the presenters, who currently is a church planter. He developed a ministry with adolescents in Brazil that impacted Brazil and many churches in South America. He also developed a ministry for healthy families. Another presenter, Josias Espinoza from Peru is an International Lecturer, Bible scholar of the Peruvian Bible Society, author of several books and a member of the ministry Together for Children in Latin America. Nell Becker from the United States, who is the coordinator of NCM projects in the Global Office of the Church of the Nazarene, was also one of the presenters.

“Our greatest desire is to be able to serve our God through the Church of the Nazarene and develop and defend the children of today to guarantee the future of a new generation, healthy and strong in doctrine, committed to the values of the Kingdom and be part of the Great Commission,” said José David Acosta, Regional NCM Coordinator and Conference organizer.

Source: José David Acosta, SAM Region NCM Coordinator.

Translation: Cindy Downey.

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