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Regional NYI Leaders’ Meeting

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Regional NYI Leaders’ Meeting

(Argentina CNSAM). On October 9 -11, 2014, the NYI leaders from the countries of the South America Region met in Derqui, Buenos Aires, Argentina to work on the 2015 calendar of activities.

The regional NYI coordinator, Rev. Jimmy De Gouveia, presided the meeting. The following national coordinators attended: Adiel Texeira, Regional NYI President, Brazil; Juan David Herrera, Colombia; Josué Franco, Venezuela; David Huanca, Chile; José David Balcazar, Peru; Jhonny Torrez, Bolivia; and Samuel Ferreira, Paraguay. Special guests were the SAM Regional Global Mission Coordinator, Liliana Reza and Johanna Radi, and representing the NYI Coordinator for Argentina, Rev. Carlos Radi.

Other attendees were the Regional Director, Dr. Christian Sarmiento; the Theological Education Regional Coordinator, Dr. Jorge Julca; the SDMI and Literature Regional Coordinator, Dr. Patricia Picavea; and Germán Picavea, Regional Communications Coordinator.

Different themes discussed were: Bible quizzing, Third Wave 2015, a degree in Youth Pastoral Ministry, development of missionaries from the South America Region, Maximum Mission, and a mini-series for pre-teens: Industry X. The principal theme was the regional initiative ReVision.

“The meeting ended with the goal to complete all the projects by taking 100 model churches to develop the ministry and make a deep impact in each one of them,” explained the Regional NYI Coordinator. “With this initiative, we want to accomplish the development of leadership, healthy churches, strong youth ministries, and unity and identity.”

  • Source: Jimmy De Gouveia.
    Edited by:: Susana Cabral.
  • Translation: Cheryl Col

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