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Seminar “Aflame” in Venezuela

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Seminar “Aflame” in Venezuela

(Venezuela CNSAM). From March 28-30, 2013 some 80 youth leaders from different parts of the country met at the La Trinidad Church of the Nazarene in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela, to participate in the “Seminar for Youth Leaders: Aflame”.

Continuing with the theme “Aflame” from the South American Regional Congress, the pastors, NYI presidents and other youth leaders were challenged and motivated to develop their youth ministries in each local church; to live an integral life, to generate social changes in the country and to be an influence in the different settings of their nation, such as education, politics and commerce, leaving it clear in the mind of the participants that the only thing that will guide them to reach their objectives and to maintain themselves “Aflame” is to live in the presence of God.

The plenary sessions were led by Pastor Eliud Toro, youth pastor of La Trinidad Church of the Nazarene; Rev. Rafael Toro, senior pastor of La Trinidad Church of the Nazarene; Josue Franco, youth pastor of El Cambio Church of the Nazarene; Isaias Alfonzo, worship leader of La Cruz Church and Jimmy De Gouveia, pastor of the Jesus the Hope Church of the Nazarene and regional coordinator of NYI for the South American Region.

The following groups participated in the music:  the Gaitas Group “El Nazareno” (Venezuelan folkloric music); the ASAF group from La Trinidad Church of the Nazarene and Charlie Bonilla and his band (previous member of the “Generación” band) which was in charge of the closing of the seminar.

The event included the activity “Máxima Misión” in which the participants carried out evangelistic activities, compassionate ministries and constructed the pillars to mark off the property of the church in the village of “Santa Cruz de Mara”, an indigenous zone where a new Church of the Nazarene has begun, made up mainly of “guajiros”.  The “guajiros” are an Amerind village of the Arawak linguistic family that lives in the district of La Guajira, coming from the peninsula of the same name, which makes up a third of the La Guajira district and the extreme north of the Venezuelan state Zulia.

We are in decisive times for the nations of the planet and we see that in Venezuela a youth movement is rising up to “upset the world with the preaching of the gospel”. Young people are rising up with different gifts and abilities to fulfill their call and to receive the “witness” in order to motivate this generation to live a dynamic life in Christ.

Source:  Jimmy De Gouveia, NYI South American Regional Coordinator.
Translation:  Evelyn Ovando.

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