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Sharing Life

(CNSAM Ecuador) After the disaster left by the earthquake on April 16 in Ecuador affecting thousands of people and various cities near the epicenter of the earthquake, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) of the Costa district, organized a hostel in the Jaramijo Canton of the Manabi province for those who were left homeless after this natural disaster.

While the Christian brotherhood has strongly mobilized due to the unfortunate event, the God of Covenants (Pacto de Dios) of the Church of the Nazarene were already attending the spiritual needs in Jaramijo since 2015 with Pastor Juan Diego Velasco at the head.

Through this previous initiative born in the heart of many believers, the work done after the earthquake was easier than expected as the precursors of the hostel received help from local leaders and the National Police.

The order in the distribution of aid to the people most in need; support of children in their studies through handing out of backpacks; love in the midst of difficulty and grateful hearts are only some of the pieces of work propelled by NCM, together with many leaders.

One of the most important aids was the distribution of the water filters, conducted successfully by selecting the sectors with the most need, taking into account that a house is inhabited by up to four families and this purification system could be used by an average of about 18 people.

Currently, the hostel run by NCM is brining 250 families together which have a total of almost 300 children and, even though there are still many unmet needs, those that now lead this mission are sure that God will go before them, guiding them and transforming all of their dedication into a blessing beyond the circumstances.

Even though the city know as Caleta de Pescadores (Fishermen’s Cove), where the livelihood of the habitants is fishing and tourism, was devastated after what happened April 16, God has been good and, once again, has shown that not even the earthquakes more destructive in Ecuador since 1987 have been able to stop the bounties that He has for those that love him.

Source: Hugo Archila
Editor: Ana Barbieri
Translation: Cindy Downey

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