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Sixth Congress in Venezuela

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Sixth Congress in Venezuela

(Venezuela CNSAM). In spite of few resources, food shortages and in the midst of difficult social and economic situations, 370 women met for the Sixth Women’s Conference, held in Venezuela, October 23 to 25, 2015.

It convened in Jiraquito with the theme of “Designed According to the Purposes of God”. The speaker was Yanitze Gutierrez, pastor from Jamundi, Valle de Cauca, Colombia. Rev. Waner Nunes, the new Regional Coordinator for Women’s Ministry (MAM) was also present. The workshops were presented by Yanet Abreu, Ana Maria Cordero, Anny Velazquez, Hilda Tarazone and Rev. Patricia Picavea, the Regional Coordinator of International Ministries of Sunday School and Discipleship.

According to Rev. Nancy Cordero, MAM’s coordinator in Venezuela, this was the Sixth Congress held with 150% increase in attendance over previous years. All five Venezuelan districts were represented with 22 women pastors in attendance.

Many participants expressed joy and gratitude with comments such as, “It surpassed my expectations”. “We were inspired”. “We are encouraged to put in place the plans of Women’s Ministry”. There is no doubt that we can say that the presence of the Lord was manifest in marvelous ways during the Sixth Congress “Designed According to the Purposes of God”.

Source: Nancy Cordero.
Editing: Patricia Picavea.
Translation: Norma L Brunson.

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