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SNU Serve In Paraguay

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SNU Serve In Paraguay

(Paraguay CNSAM). On May 28th, 2015, four students and two faculty mentors from Southern Nazarene University arrived at the Church of the Nazarene Paraguay to work and serve for six weeks.

They came as part of Southern Nazarene University’s SIMS (SNU In Missions) program to serve the people of Paraguay and learn how to serve communities in unique and creative ways. “It feels great to finally set foot into Paraguay,” said team leader Sidney Ketchum.

The students are working with The Church of the Nazarene Paraguay’s Obras De Amor (Works Of Love) ministry, which seeks to engage the community through need-based service and to share the love of Christ through building relationships. Three days of each week, the group enters a community in Paraguay and seeks opportunities of service, whether it be raking leaves, cutting grass, trimming trees, or a simple game of soccer with a local child. “It’s really inspiring that we can go out and take on any task that is needed and be able to make a difference,” commented student Emily Allen.

Through this service, the group is able to build relationships with members of the community. The work has provided many opportunities for conversations about God’s love and the mission of the church. “I can see seeds of inspiration being planted in the community,” remarked student Mike Vierow.

As part of the Church of the Nazarene Paraguay, Obras De Amor hopes to learn more about the mission of the church through loving God and loving others. Instead of seeing church as simply a Sunday morning event, the group aspires to practice an active love that reaches far outside the four walls of the church. As student Lindsay Lester declared, “Through this experience I am learning what it means to be the church, and I am excited to see what the next few weeks hold for us.”

While the group is currently working closely with one local church, they pray they can expand their model of ministry to other communities around Paraguay as well as to the ends of the Earth.

Source: Mike Vierow.

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