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Social Impact

(Argentina CNSAM). November 24, 2012, the Church of the Nazarene and several other denominations held a massive family event in the Irigoyen Park of San Martin, a province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The theme was +Values –Violence.

This event was declared to be of municipal interest since the local authorities highlighted the work that the churches do and their high percentage of effectiveness.

Before the event, the churches of the zone went door-to-door and passed out 100,000 magazines of The Book of Life and 200,000 invitations. They worked with drama groups to reinforce values of cooperation, respect and identity along some of the sidewalks, in shopping centers and at stop lights of some of the major intersections of the city. A web site was created ( and three public broadcasting spots were aired on all of the closed circuit TV channels of the city and the local TV channel.

The family-focused event +Values –Violence began at 3:00, and the 5,000 people who attended were able to participate in different recreational activities, enjoy some live shows, and more than 200 people found information and help at the various booths for legal and psychological aid and training regarding addictions and family violence and left their prayer requests. Throughout the afternoon several singers provided music including the bands C.R.E.D.O. and RESCATE who closed the event.

The mayor and his wife along with the president of the city council attended the event and shared a few words with those present. Time was set apart for prayer to God that the Christian values would prevail in the city of San Martín. There were 36 people who prayed to accept Christ as their Saviour. After the event, the local churches who participated began the discipleship process in order to help the new believers in their spiritual growth.

The event +Values –Violence has been the result of the work and prayer of the churches in this área since 1985. In 2009 the Church the Nazarene of Villa Ballester began participating, as well.

Source: Alejandro Díaz, pastor of the Church of the Nazarene of Villa Ballester

Tranlation: Jennifer Edgerton.

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