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Spiritual Retreat

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Spiritual Retreat

(Argentina CNSAM). A true spiritual retreat was experienced July 17 & 18, 2013 in the Good Shepherd Church of the Nazarene in the province Formosa’s capital.

The Nazarene churches “Source of Life,” “Jesus of Nazareth,” “City of Refuge,” and the host church gathered to participate in the retreat with the theme: “God’s Perspective on Life.” Dr. Mirna Caje was invited to speak about the themes: People of the Bible and their Temperaments: Anger, depression, anxiety and How to Choose My Mate.

Each presentation included a time for answering the participants’ questions. Can a Christian young person be depressed? Can they have anxiety? Until what point can anxiety be good? When do you take a problem seriously? Through the talks and studying the Bible, the participants were able to discover several people in the Bible who suffered from similar situations. Around 50 young people attended and were supported by older Christians who also demonstrated interest in the topics.

Source: Anna Melva Chávez, National NYI Coordinator.

Written by: Susana Cabral.

 Translation: Jennifer Edgerton.

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