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Stewardship Ministries Announces Generous Easter Offering

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Stewardship Ministries Announces Generous Easter Offering

Global participation in the 2016 Easter Offering for the World Evangelism Fund has made a profound impact. God continues to bless ministries around the world through the gifts and mission commitment of Nazarenes everywhere. The World Evangelism Fund Easter Offering has received more than $436,473 to date and gifts continue to arrive daily.

“A gift to the World Evangelism Fund is one of the most effective ways to make Christlike disciples,” said Mark Lail, Director of Stewardship Ministries. “These donations allow the Church of the Nazarene to extend the gospel throughout the whole world. These gifts make an eternal difference.”

Stewardship Ministries thanks all pastors and NMI presidents for taking ownership of the mission and inviting their congregations to participate in the offering. When we join our gifts and prayers together, God uses our humble offerings to bless all who call on His name.